Macchine pulizia industriale


Vacuum cleaners

Faip industrial vacuum cleaners are an excellent product. From the household vacuum cleaners to the professional ones for big industries. Faip is able to cover all the productive line: hard works, dust and working remains are no more a problem. Faip vacuum cleaners can be used in any situation. Versatility and aspiration strength are their main characteristics. They can solve any problem and satisfy the different cleaning exigencies. Faip vacuum cleaners are safe, extremely powerful, strong and with high efficiency filtering surfaces. Faip offers a wide range of industrial and semi-professional vacuum cleaners, Eco line, high strength vacuum cleaners and even oil or special version ones. Almost all our vacuum cleaners can be equipped with the absolute “HEPA” filter that hold ultra-thin dust; other models are certified “Atex” that can work in  dangerous location, where there is the risk of fire or explosion.

Available models:  

- Semi professional
- Eco line
- Professional
- Industrial smart line
- Industrial professional line
- Industrial iclean line
- Industrial atex line
- Industrial high power line
- Oil vacuum cleaners
- Special ones