Macchine pulizia industriale


Professional high pressure cleaners

The wide range of Faip professional high pressure cleaners can be used for the professional industrial cleaning in different commercial and industrial locations. FAIP high pressure cold or hot water cleaners can be fixed or transportable. They guarantee the best performances making continuous and hard works. The  Industrial high pressure cleaners,  selected by Faip, are conceived to remove the obstinate dirty even during extreme working conditions thanks to the high pressure. The high pressure cold water cleaners are the perfect solution for equipment, vehicles and buildings daily cleaning: thanks to the help of specific products they can remove even the most obstinate dirty on any surface The hot water  high pressure cleaners give efficient results without increasing pressure. 
Faip machines are handy and strong. They are perfect when it is necessary cleaning and cleansing with satisfying results.
The available models are: cold water, hot water, electrical hot water, cold independent, hot independent, cold fixed installation,  hot fixed installation, mobile cleaning installation, high pressure cleaning accessories.